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Naughty But Nice Lyrics


Naughty But Nice Song Lyrics

As a mousey little hen
I will nine times out of ten,
Being proper come a cropper
When I operate with men.
As a maiden most demure
I'm becoming I am sure,
More discerning,
Full of learning,
With a yearning for l'amour.
Wanna be naughty, naughty but nice,
See if I'm made of sugar and spice;
To all convention I call out "Gangway!"
I confess that I wanna care less than Eva Tanguay.
Gladly I'd chance the stares of a few
If I could dance the Bunny Hug, too,
Suppose a stranger should arrange a tête à tête,
While he becomes pleasant across a hot pheasant,
I'll put the whole thing on ice,
That's if I'm naughty, not very naughty,
Just sort o' naughty but nice.

The Belle of New York Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 1991
Naughty But Nice Lyrics by from The Belle of New York Soundtrack (1991). Rating: 4.2/5 (27 votes)