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Sweet Music Lyrics


Sweet Music Song Lyrics

Sung by Nanette Fabray and Oscar Levant

Nanette :
You are nothing but a good for nothing
All you do is sit in the house all day
We haven't got a cent
And we can't pay the rent.
And you sit there with that old box
And play away...

Oscar :
You don't have to stew about it, sister.
Our poverty will soon depart
When I develop my art

Nanette :
Keep playin' your music box
Keep on playin' your music box
Sweet music to worry the wolf away.
So happy will we appear
He will know he's not wanted here
Your music could worry a wolf away.
So keep on playin' that grand pian-a
Until he's away
He'll have to go if you
Bang those keys away.
Oh, honey, but we will grin
When the money comes rolling in
Sweet music to worry the wolf away.

Oscar :
When I remind you what --- made his fiddle do,
You'll get an inkling of what this kid'll do.

Nanette :
Well, I want to tell you my friend that
You just radiate
When you run your fingers up and down
That eighty-eight.

Both :
We'll sleep on our wedding cake
We'll be two who can really make
Sweet music!
Opera music!
Hot music!

Oscar : Crazy music!
Nanette : Lazy music!
Oscar : Hipster music!
Nanette : Stripster music!
Nanette : Blue music!
Oscar : Low-down music!
Nanette : New music!
Oscar : Hold-down music!

Nanette : Glad music!
Oscar : Pretty music!
Nanette : Mad music!
Oscar : Dirty music!

Sweet music forever more!
To worry (2)
To make him go out and worry
To worry the wolf from our door.

The Band Wagon Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 1996
Sweet Music Lyrics from The Band Wagon Soundtrack (1996). Rating: 4.3/5 (20 votes)