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Goblin Lyrics

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Goblin Lyric

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Goblin Oh, oh the things.
Oh the things, that Goblin has grabbed
I see them and I take them and I try hard not to break them
These things that Goblin has grabbed
That Goblin has grabbed
(Tempo slightly increases)
I have a squirting flower
And a red nose from a clown
Once I met a mighty king
And swiped away his crown
Sometimes when I feel lonely or just a little down
I’d like to put them all on me and dance and prance around.
(Tempo increases)
Oh, oh the things!
Oh the things! That Goblin has grabbed.
I nab them and I seize them and if they could go bad, I’d freeze them.
These things that Goblin has grabbed!
I pilfered these marshmallows for times I wanna snack
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Then I pick this toothbrush up and brush away the plaque.
You might think that I’m naughty or a little out of whack
But just by saying “pretty please” you’ll get your stuff right back
(Egg: Weh, weh, weh) Oh, little Eggwin what’s the matter?
(Egg: Weh, weh, weh) Oh, little Eggwin are you sad?
(Egg: Weh, weh, weh) Perhaps, you’ll like theses teeth that chatter?
(Egg: Weh, weh, weh) They always seem to make me glad.
Oh! Oh the things!
Oh the things! That Goblin has grabbed!
Dear Eggwin, peruse them and please feel free to use them
These things…that Goblin has grabbed
(Tempo decreases)
That Goblin has grabbed.
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