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Lady or the Tiger?

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Lady or the Tiger? Song Lyrics

The Apple Tree Soundtrack - Musical, 1993
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Lady or the Tiger? I'll tell you a truth,
That's hard to swallow.
I'll tell you a truth,
Oh listen well.
If you are in love,
with a lover who's jealous.
Then sooner or later you're headed for hell!

So say goodbye,
And don't you wait.
Because tomorrow may be to late.
Yes listen well.
To what I say.
Tell jealous lovers,
To go away.

I'll tell you a tale,
For you to ponder.
I'll tell you a tale,
oh listen well.
A curious tale,
It tells of a princess.
And it tells of her lover
and all that befell.

Make way,
he comes.
His royal tallness.
His highest higness.
His way way upness.
His mountainship.

Make way.
He comes.
King Arik.

Make way.
She comes.
Her regal proudness.
Her flashy highness.
Her self indulgeness.
Her godessness.

Make way,
She comes,
Princess Bar-bara.

[Thanks to Steven Petraglia for lyrics]
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