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North Korean Melody

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North Korean Melody Song Lyrics

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North Korean Melody Kim jung il yo
Kim jung il yo

Kim jung il im shil yong ping
Pee la shil pang ping
Judith budong judith bing
Bai dong ping pong ping

Judith ping pong juuuudith!
Bai lof jumeep ju be dop me choo
Boi jing por me bop ching pong mee
Buddith ching pong eeee

Shyaa yong pong ping
Shyaa yong pong pong
Shyaa yong pong ping
Hai yong pong pong
Chai yong pong ping
Chai yong pong ping
Chai yong pong ping
Chai yong pong pong

[Thanks to Sachiko for lyrics]
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