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Waiting For This Moment

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Waiting For This Moment Song Lyrics

Jenn Gambatese
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Waiting For This Moment Jane:
Carila papaya
Bixa orellana
Callistemon linearis
Campanula incurva
I know you all

Oh, I've been waiting for this moment
Oh, it seems like all my life
Here I am - my head is spinning
Because I'm finally living the life that I dreamed
It seems I've been waiting forever

Mimulus aurantiacus
Pedicularis attollens
Boehmeria tricuspis
I always knew you'd be this beautiful

Here and now nothing matters
Everything I wanted's here
I feel at home, I've found my place
All this beauty before me was out of my reach
I never imagined such wonder

All these friends, I feel like I know them oh so well
And though it's strange I feel they know me too

There's something strangely intoxicating
And it's going to my head
That makes me feel oh so alive
I could stay here forever and never need more
Embracing these wonders of nature

Calliandra hustoniana
Campanula barbata
Babiana rubrocyanea
Campanula fragilis
Calycanthus occidentalis
Gentiana saxosa

Oh these friends, it seems like I know them oh so well
And I can see that, ooh, they want to know me too

It's such a liberating feeling
And it's happening to me
I've never felt this glow inside

New, exciting, inviting, wanting to play
I cannot resist this temptation, temptation

[Thanks to rosebudcew@comcast.net, rhuszar@charter.net for lyrics]
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