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Without a Word

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Without a Word Song Lyrics

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Without a Word Lucie manette

How could you leave?

Leave without a word?

How could you do this to your own?

Go out alone to save a stranger

A distant memory that stirred

Weren't we enough?

All that you could want?

Weren't we enough to hold you home?

You made a vow to be with me

When you were never really free

But i'll be brave

And i'll be strong

You'll never know from me that you've done something wrong

And from my lips

And from my eyes

I'll give you everything i should

A loving wife's goodbyes

Yes you love me

That much i can see

Deep in your eyes behind the fear

I'm sure you know that i'm still here

No matter what you've done i'm always here

I'd follow you

I'd be selfish too

I'd gladly join you in the grave

But i must stay and play my part

Of wife and mother's broken heart

For i was once

Where she could be

Abandoned young without a home or family

And though my soul

Will die with you

Our child will not be left alone

To spend a lifetime wondering how

How we could do this to our own

You needn't fear that she'll be hurt

She'll never know just what you've cost her

How selfishly you lost

Her she'll never hear me ask the question in my heart

Tell me how could you leave leave

Without a word?

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