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Who Are You / You'll Never Be Alone

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Who Are You / You'll Never Be Alone Song Lyrics

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Who Are You / You'll Never Be Alone Dr. Manette
Who are you?
It is the same.
But she is dead.
How can that be?
She was lost to me.
She had laid her head upon my shoulder
And when i was brought to the tower they found hair, like this
Upon my sleeve.
How was this?
Was it you?

She was my mother.
Weep for your wife who could not bear to live without you by her side.
She hid your torture from me
And she told me you had died.
It's over now.
No more good-byes.

Close your eyes.
Let memory fly away.
You'llnever be alone again.
Come with me.
We'll find a brighter day.
You'll never fear the dark again.
We both were lost.
But now that's all behind us all the endless years i never knew you.
Lay down your pain.
The shadows of the past you've seen the very last of what you knew.
I'll help you to forget.
The emptiness you've known.
You'll never be alone again.
You'll never be alone again.
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