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No One Else

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No One Else Song Lyrics

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No One Else Cruncher

No one else in this whole world

Would have me

No one else on this whole earth could stand her

All the time i wasted looking 'round

For something i'd already found.

All the things that most avoid in life are

All the things we've most enjoyed in life and

No one else but us would feel the same.

We don't mind sharing the same house same bed, same name.

No one else could stand her cleanliness, her pious airs, her praying jags.

No one else could stomach my returning home with bodies stuffed in bags.

No one else could love our home as we do

For we've made our home as no one would.

No one else could deal with my ambition;

Swallow her religion like she does

I do

No one else can see quite what i care for

What i see in her, the why and wherefore

Then again, there might be two or three

Who wonder what she sees in me.

She ain't seein' much with two great big styes

So i guess it's just meant to be

She sees no one else but me.

Isn't it a kick that in a world as big as this

The two that no one else would pick should find such wedded bliss

And in a world so big we easily could have missed

And ended up with no one else.

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