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Sugar Pill

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Sugar Pill Song Lyrics

Ambulance LTD
Takers Soundtrack - Movie, 2010
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Sugar Pill Slip into the warm of a touch
When the photograph of so much
Once you're gone
I came home, put my key in like a door

Took a million for everyone
Time should have overcome
With your luck and my word
But I didn't have one

So I'll be on my own
You're more than I can lose
I love you for the time that you give
My sugar pill

Seven stories they'll have to climb
To find out what we've done
To let them all be gone
But can't you read the sign?

Burn me up and mix me with salt
Bluegrass and a walk on the sun
And the one visiting those
Just where they go

So I'll be on my own
You're more than I can lose
And now I'm taking more than my fill
My sugar pill
My sugar pill
My sugar pill
My sugar pill
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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