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My Shoes Lyrics


My Shoes Song Lyrics

I never got that thing where you,
Are supposed to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes,
It always made me feel like I was less or more,
And that is not what I am wearing my own shoes for,
And I know it’s not hard to see,
That there are some with less,
Some better off, but how much better off could I be?
Well if it wasn’t me, then it wouldn’t be you.
Sunrise, and the sun sets,
And it’s no surprise, so let’s try for no regrets,
Cause it can be so easy to forget, well if it’s let to be alone,
It’ll almost surely turn to stone,
So I think you should pick up your phone,
You know I’m all about pickin’ up your call,
Cause without you,
Without you,
Then it wouldn’t be me.
Well I’ve always told you to take your time,
If you ain’t got enough, take some of mine.
Now we can see the skyline on this clear night,
And it’s not feelin’ late, but its getting light,
So can I borrow a day or two from you?
Because tomorrow, you know I’m stuck in bed,
Clouds up in my head, even though I said,
I was only gonna have two.
Well I’ve always told you to make mistakes,
It’s one of the best ways to know that you’re still awake.
So here we go, it’s the last verse, and it’s just a quick song,
Cause if I put everything into it, then it would be too long,
And I don’t wanna take too much away,
From all the things we know we see,
But things we know no need to say,
So now feel free,
To tell me,
Well what do you think of all of the time we’ve got,
And how much we’ve spent,
Well you know that I’d be broke,
If time were worth a cent.
And I’ve always told you to take your time,
And if you ain’t got enough, take some of mine.

Switched At Birth Lyrics

Soundtrack for TV, 2011
My Shoes Lyrics by Daphne Willis from Switched At Birth Soundtrack (2011). Rating: 4.2/5 (25 votes)