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Black Lyric

Sevendust Lyrics
Swimfan Soundtrack - Movie, 2002
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Black Voices call, they call out my name, my name, my name.
Well, they say I'm different. Well I'm not the same, same.
You say you want to, ah, be like me.
Well, boy let me tell ya, you don't know what I've seen.

They say a devil lives in my soul.
I promise not to let him take control.

I'm mindin' my own business.
I ain't doin' nothin' wrong. [repeat]

Shadows follow so close behind me.
I look in the mirror; I don't like what I see.
Oh, God, can't you help me get outta here, here?
I feel like I'm livin' deep in hell.

I'm mindin' my own business.
I ain't doin' nothin' wrong. [repeat]

I said that,
I.. I'm mindin', I'm mindin' my own, own
I ain't doin' nothin' wrong. [repeat]
Nothing wrong.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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