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Mem'ry Island Lyrics

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Mem'ry Island Lyric

Barnyard Animals Lyrics
Summer Stock Soundtrack - Musical, 2003
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Mem'ry Island Verse:

What happened to this love of ours, we care, but carelessly.
Although the spark we gave it isn't really gone,
The afterglow is fading fast.
Before this love is lost in a storm and tossed in a restless sea,
We can save it by depending on
The warm nostalgia of the past.
So let us board our ship of dreams
And head it toward the shores of "used to be."


Sail away with me to "Mem'ry Island,"
Strange, enchanting never-say-goodbye land;
Strolling on the sands of time together,
Time will help us find the love we knew.
Drifting on the bay of "can't forget you,"
Moonbeams will relight the night I met you.
I know then we'll fall again when yester-dreams come true,
Somewhere on "Mem'ry Island" lost with you.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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