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Tell Her This Lyrics

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Tell Her This Lyric

Diffuser Lyrics
Summer Catch Soundtrack - Movie, 2001
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Tell Her This Tell her this
I don't like to kiss
I know that it's something I'll miss
Tell her that
I'll never be late
As long as she'll be there to wait for me
Tell her this
My tounge's in a twist
I ran through a confident fist
Tell her that
The gypsy was real
December is what makes the toe cramps and stomachaches
Hard to heal

And it don't mean a thing
If you can't try to be
What you're always expecting from me

Tell her this
I'll never be rich
And Christmas was always a b**ch
Tell her that I still feel the same
For in between me and you we see things better


still in my underwear
watching re-runs of anything
I can't forget
New York is still on my mind
But i'm trying....?

Tell her this
I don't like to kiss
I know that it's something I'll miss

(chorus) X2

[Thanks to mysty0753@hotmail.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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