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Get Your Pants Off

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Get Your Pants Off Song Lyrics

Wayne Gacy Trio
Stripperland Soundtrack - Movie, 2011
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Get Your Pants Off I’ve got things on my mind
I like to go slow and take my time
Looks like this aint your lucky day
There’s only one thing left to say

Get your pants off

Another drink? That’s what you need
A couple pills and I’ll proceed
Tight ropes and a plastic bag
Yeah I know, it’s a drag

Get your pants off

Pray to god to save your soul
Now I’m the one in control
Your last breath as you let go
It goes by quickly it goes by slow

Get your pants off

Way down deep, deep inside
All these years I had to lie
All the urges I denied
But hey, there’s a bright side
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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