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Hold That Snake

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Hold That Snake Song Lyrics

Ry Cooder
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Hold That Snake I love my baby
Like a bull dog loves his bone
Last night she got crazy
Called me up on the phone
Said come on over daddy
'Cause I hates drinkin' alone

Said I had me a little
And I had to have a little more
Try to get up, could not get out the door
And there's a big ole snake
That's crawlin' right across the floor

My baby's not afraid to take a chance
Drinkin' whiskey starts her thinkin' about romance
That's when she wants
What I keep in my pants

I know she's got a few tricks up her sleeve
When she gets hot it's not hard to believe
So I told my baby
Just what Adam said to Eve

Hold that snake 'till I make it
Hold on 'till your daddy gets there
Just grab his head and shake it
Tell him be ain't goin' nowhere
Take it easy but take it
But don't let go of that snake
Till I make it

[Thanks to DieBoe@gmx.net for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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