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Serpent Boy Lyrics

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Serpent Boy Lyric

(hed) p.e. Lyrics
Strangeland Soundtrack - Movie, 1998
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Serpent Boy count the days

don't hold your breath

chikitee chek 2012

the perpetrator never knew

never properly represent the struggle

the boy in the bubble is you not barbarino

my flows unclog your souls like draino

my logic-tight like plato

whoop ass like kato

with more troops than nato

wrekkin your house

like a tornado in the barbados

drop down give props to the third rock

first come first serve shake the spot

see you not so big like you thought you was

not my blood not my cuz

not mi familia

i play like amnesia when i sees ya

who needs ya

ridin my di*k like a skeezah

take a look around

you forgot what you came here for

what's your theory

why ya try to play that game

you can forget my name

take a look around

take a deep breath

recollect yourself

you a zero

you don't respect yourself

still running that weak ass game

you can forget my name

time to bury the bloody hatchet in your

motherf**king back

i laugh when i hear yo rib cage crack

breakin you down

fukkin you up like sprack

you always mixin up yo fiction with yo facts

now i'm-a-let you know

what the soul for real is

come correct,let me know what the deal is

bro, pack your bowl, with my flow

sh*t just ain't workin out

no, i'm-a-have to let you go

ain't no love no mo

take a look around...

take a deep breath

recollect resurrect

run a check from the neck up

you f**ked up

still runnin that wekass game

try to forget my name

what's yo theory?

ain't no love...
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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