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Shake Your Pom Pom Lyrics

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Shake Your Pom Pom Lyric

Missy Elliott Lyrics
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Shake Your Pom Pom [Chorus:]
I see you got low,
And you got plenty more to show, (go)
Shake it like a pom pom,
Like a pom pom,
Shake it like a pom pom,
Like a pom pom, (go)
Like you tryna win a contest fa'sho,
Show you how to shake it,
How the booty shakin',
Show you how to shake it,
See how the booty shakin'

[Verse 1:]
See the booty shake,
Like an earthquake,
There is no escape,
When I shake it in your face,
Now don't you wanna tape my booty shakin' on your tape,
So show it to yours boys,
See the look on all they face,
I move it to the left, move it to the right,
Double time, double time, iight,
Show 'em what they like,
Look at it, look at it,
Slow motion, freeze,
Stop for the camera,
Paparazzi wanna see,
Hello, hey how you doin'?,
I shake it like this,
Let me see if you can do it,
Drop, drop, drop, drop, drop it on the one,
Shake, shake, shake, shake,
They face all stunned,
If you got it, got it, got it,
Move if kinda fast,
Boys all dance,
While they tryna make a pass,
Whistle while you work,
Go' head do your dirt,
Even if you like to flirt,
Lift up your skirt,
Then turrn 'em out,
One lil' girl,
Go 'head shake it out...

I see you got low,
And you got plenty more to show, (go)
Shake it like a pom pom,
Like a pom pom..

[Thanks to Quina Fortune for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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