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Call Of The Wave

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Call Of The Wave Song Lyrics

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Call Of The Wave (Verse 1)
He's up before dawn,
Gently kisses her hair
He pushes his truck down the driveway,
So not to wake her while she's lying there
He fires it up, hits the lights
And drives out on into the haze
Don't try to explain
It's the call of the wave

(Verse 2)
He gets to the beach
As the night clouds give way
At the first siting of the horizon
He paddles out and slides into a wave
The water's so cold on his face
But the feeling's the one that he craves
Don't try to explain,
It's the call of the wave.

The call of the wave
It's screaming right into his soul
When the call comes it can't be denied
You hear it and it takes control

(Verse 3)
She gets out of bed and she fixes her hair
(got to get ready she wishes he's here right now)
She smiles when she looks at his dresser
Sees his wax and saint christopher there
(she loves him oh, so bad)
Her mother keeps saying she's crazy
That's no way for a man to behave
But what does she know
About the call of the wave

Yeah, what does she know
About the call of the wave

What does she know
About the call of the wave

(Ending vamp)
Ooh, ooh, ah, ah, she loves him oh so bad
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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