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Belle the Slepping Car

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Belle the Slepping Car Song Lyrics

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Belle the Slepping Car Looks and youth ain't everything
Experience is a quality that counts for a lot
The sad thing 'bout experience is
By the time you've got it
It's usually all you've got...

I'm Belle, Belle, Belle, the sleeping car
Doesn't matter who you are
Just climb aboard to lie with me
And when you wake I'll make you tea
A Pullman car when I was made
I went down for the seaside trade
I'm peeling now, the light's too bright
I wear dark glasses day and night

I had crystal lamps, Irish linen
To set off my red velvet dress
Those who rode on me compared me to
The Orient Express
That was excessive

But now they climb aboard, undress
Don't wait for me to whisper 'yes'
Don't say goodnight, just hit the lights
And worst of all turn over and go straight to sleep

Once I was a real main liner
Enjoying the occasional smoke
Now I hang around the fuel dump
Sniffing the coke
It really chokes me

Oh, Belle, Belle, Belle, the sleeping truck
I'm down at wheel, down on my luck
I may not be first class, but I'm not yet worst class
I can still warm you when the night is cold
I'm a sleeper with a heart of gold.
I can still warm you when the night is cold
I'm a sleeper with a heart of gold.

[Thanks to Jef for lyrics]
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