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Freeze Song Lyrics

SSX-3 Soundtrack - Cartoon, 2003
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Freeze Yo, yo what the f**k, yo, yo

(Chorus: K-OS)
It goes stop, don't make a move, just freeze
Instead of tellin' a lie, get down on your knees
Please, give up the mic to MC's
Masters of the ceremony, is what we be
It goes stop, don't make a move, just freeze
Instead of tellin' a lie, get down on your knees
Please, give up the mic to MC's
Masters of the ceremony, is what we be.

I was walkin' down the street about three o'clock
When I saw another MC at the end of the block
Talkin' to kids tellin' em, how they had to get the dough
So I rolled right up in the Cypher and said "Yo!"
Here is an example of a whack MC
Caught in the world and he just can't see
He said, "What? Aiyyo, you disrespectin' me?
Now I got to battle you and show them who the best be."
He started spittin', he said, "Somethin' somethin' hot."
Then he tried to talk about the money that he got
I said, "Shhh c'mon yo, that's all passe.
I got to break it down another way like this now.
Follow me here in this moment and time
Follow the rhyme created instigated to see the crime
You commit, when you sit in the past. Don't you know?
You construct a future based on everything that you know.
But to get to the unknown, we surely must erase
All the preconceived notions they keep throwin' up in our face
On the daily. I run over tracks like Donavan Bailey
And break every record, in less than ten seconds."
They said, "Oooooh! That's a real metaphysical.
We pull down the light cause the force is centrifugal"
He tried to act up I had to give in
Because the truth is an offense and not a sin, word life.

(Chorus: K-OS)

MC's ain't comin' equipped, with the rhyme
Don't do the crime if you can't do the time
The time is essential when you play with the lives of the youth
They want the truth, but you want loot
So ya change a little bit switch up your steeds
Now you got a bigger bag and countin' extra ki's
Please, everything you do we do with these
Real MC's are universal entities, that
Scope the universe lookin' for the fraudulence
Then we take a disguise like Clark Kent
My manner would have quick to check a scanner
For a weak MC sinkin' a city like Atlantis
You can't stand this, missile placed and you vanish
I meditate delevitate the twelve planets
You cannot withstand the heavy verbal attack
I'm the lyrical master blaster yeah I can do that
I can also be your style, because I an*lyzed it
You used to rock, but now you paralyzed it
Doesn't really matter like platinum blondes
Think what is an MC if he can't drop bombs
Don't really matter if it's over your head
Cause the job of resurrectin' is to wake up the dead
So pay attention it's the hard to behold
That everything that good it ain't gold, for real.

(Chorus: K-OS) x2 1/2
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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