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Heart Drive Lyrics

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Heart Drive Lyric

Bobby Edner and Alexa Vega Lyrics
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Heart Drive Bobby: I'm trying to figure out the rules, I don't lose.
I'm tested I've already seen some bad dudes.
Do what's in ya nature don't let it break ya.
Plan to win if their raisin the stakes up.
Now you can take a few bumps and bruises.
I'm confident I'm tellin ya you will not lose this.
Life force is dwindilin you're barely alive.
Time to let go of the wheel and
let your heart drive.
Alexa: (Chorus) Just let your heart drive
Bobby:(Just let your heart drive. C'mon C'mon)
Alexa: Just let your heart drive

Bobby: Count on family, cuz they come through.
Even when your in a spot with the odds against ya.
I'm no rookie I was taught to step up.
If I fall down gramps told me to get up.
My generation is prepared to face ya.
Life can be a struggle but you do what it takes ya.
You try to be clever but you're not that wise.
You'll never be a winner if you don't let your heart drive.


(let it drive let it drive. One more time here we go.
Just let your heart drive)

[Thanks to pimpysk8rgurl_27@yahoo.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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