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Isle of Dreams Song Lyrics

Alexa Vega
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Isle of Dreams Audience: carmen! Carmen! Carmen...
Carmen: i am not going out there!!!
Machete: oh yes you are ! You're a spy, your undercover, and you have to make them think you're a pop star
Carmen: i can't sing
Machete: who can these days? I can't tell you how many artists have used my machete's miracle microphone!
Carmen:*singing* i can't sing
Machete: this will make you dance like brittany lopez
Juni: hey what about me?
Machete: this will make you play like angus van santana
Juni: cool
Machete: now get out there and rock

Who, what, when, where, and why do i delight in?
What do i intend to find this time?
Run around, jumping down, bounce and bound and find another way to duck and hide.
This isle of... Dreams!

Bridge: dreams!! Isle of isle of... Isle of lost... Isle of isle of dreams!! (repeat)

And why?

Quien, que, cuando, y por que yo encantada?
Que espero encontrar esta vez?
Corre arriba salta abajo
Encuentra otro oculta.
Este isla de... Suenos!


Carmen: what!? You are surprised you gadgets worked?
M: i just realized i never put any batteries in this

[Thanks to jay for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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Isle of Dreams Alexa Vega

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