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Small Parts Lyrics

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Small Parts Lyric

The Oohlas Lyrics
Spider-Man 3 Soundtrack - Movie, 2007
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Small Parts You know i am in trouble lately
You've got my mind going crazy
And now i am sick i cannot function anymore
The decay of a former stone heart
Distributed into small parts
Now i cease to grow
I cannot function anymore
Don't go out the back door
That's what the front's for
Chew me up and spit me out
I can't take anymore
Paint me violet and shake the red out
Run inside for you can't come back down
I believe you now
Just spill me out onto the floor
The decay of a former stone heart
Distributed into small parts
Now we cease to grow we cannot function anymore
Do not leave me here
I'll lose my sense of kindness
For the world is but a vapor
And i've lost myself again
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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