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I Musiki Dini Ftera Lyrics

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I Musiki Dini Ftera Lyric

Yiorgos Ioannides Lyrics
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I Musiki Dini Ftera Tragoudia dinata.....mia zoi
Ego tha tragoudo
i notes san poulia
Na petoun, psila ston ourano

Ma ego den ksero tin a po
Monaxa ksero na tragoudo

Na vlepo gelio ke xara
ktipoun ta xeria dinata
Sena kosmo magiko (o o o)

I mousiki dinei ftera
Solou tou kosmou ta pedia
Ke mia zoi tha tragoudo (o o o )

(in English)
Cheerful songs I will sing for as long as I live
The music notes will fly like the birds up
High in the sky

But for me I don't know what to say
All I need is music notes to sing

Children laugh and smile full of joy
Clapping hands for me
In a world were music gives wings
And I will sing for as long as I live
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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