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Ordinary Joe

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Ordinary Joe Song Lyrics

Terry Callier
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Ordinary Joe For my openin’ line
I might try to indicate my state of mind
or turn you on
or tell you that I’m laughin’
just to keep from cryin’
pretty music, when you hear it,
keep on tryin’ to get near it
a little rhythm for your spirit
but that’s what it’s for
c’mon in here’s the door

I’ve seen a sparrow get high
and waste his time in the sky
he thinks it’s easy to fly
he’s just little bit freer than I

Now here’s a mystery
maybe you can help to make it clear to me
When you’re fast asleep
and than what is that’s lightin’ up the dreams you see
all your tears can’t conceal it
all your prayers may not reveal it
you got soul so you can feel it
and when you make the scene
then you’ll know what I mean

I’ve seen a sparrow get high
and waste his time in the sky
he thinks it’s easy to fly
he’s just little bit freer than I

Down here on the ground
when you fine folks are givin’ you the runarround
keep your game up up-tight
and if you must just take your secrets underground
now, politicians try to speech you
mad color watchers try to teach you
very few will really try to reach you
if you’re lost in the stack
that’s ok come on black

Now I'd be the last to deny
that I'm just an average guy
and don't you know each little bird in the sky
Is just a little bit freer than I

Ordinary Joe, people say you’re just a lazy so and so
what they think is real
is nothing but an animated puppet show

So don’t let time and space confuse you
don’t let name and form abuse you
let Big Joe Williams blues you
in the light of the sun you can see how they run
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