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Love, Love, Love Lyrics

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Love, Love, Love Lyric

Bobby Hebb Lyrics
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Love, Love, Love Love is a smile you give me that makes my day seem brighter
Love is your arms around me makes my troubles lighter
When I hold your hands so tightly, I'm feelin' that I'm stronger
I feel so much about you, I jus't can't wait no longer

Of the wonderful touch of your lips, the wonderful world of desire
Love is a sweet tender night & your kisses setting my soul on fire
Love is a dream come true, Love is a girl like you

Love's no limits baby, It's sweet and yet that's heartache
Love is a sound of laugthers of boys & girls make
Sweet love is all around you so love's its own refrain
In love there's so much pleasure and yet there's so much pain

Love is a girl like you babe so warm and all so tender
Love is a power baby that's making me surrender
When I look into your soft eyes, I melt like candy jam
I do anything to please you, yes anything I can
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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