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Train in Vain

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Train in Vain Song Lyrics

Annie Lennox
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Train in Vain They say you stand

By your man

Tell me something

I don't understand

You said you loved me

And that's a fact

And then you left me

Said you felt trapped

Well,something you can explain away

But the heartache's with me till this day

*Did you stand by me

No,not at all

Did you stand by me

No way

All the times

That we were closed

I remember

These things the most

I've seen all our dreams

Come tumblin' down I can't stay happy

Without you around

So alone I keep the wolves a bay

And there's only one thing I can say [*Repeat]

You must explain

Why this must be

Did you lie

When you spoke to me

Did you stand by me

No,not at all

Now I got a job

But it don't pay

I need new clothes

I need somewhere to stay

But without all these things I can do

But without your love

I won't make it through

Without you love

I won't make it through

But you don't understand my point of view

I suppose there's nothing I can do

[*Repeat x2]

Stand by me,no way

Stand by me,not at all

Stand by me,no way

Stand by me,not at all

Stand by me,no way
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