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Planet of Women Lyrics

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Planet of Women Lyric

Sonny & The Sunsets Lyrics
Smashed Soundtrack - Movie, 2012
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Planet of Women The 2-headed lady said I couldn't land my ship
I said it would only take a minute "Well," she said, "what's in it?"
Oh, I don't know. Just some weird sh*t.

La la la la la

When I got to the surface, there were women everywhere.
("Hey, how you doing?")
And all the men were slaves
They had us all dressed up in chains
("ooh, look at that one?)
And there was a queen
She had her own di*k all dressed up in black
(?come back here, Sonny?)
Her name was?
I like it like that?
I like it like that.
And I fell in love with a leader from the underground.
He said he'd set me free
(?we can all be free, dude?)
But when I fell asleep he stole the key and split the scene, I guess.
I never learned. No, I never learned
f*gs in drag, no matter where I lay
I get burned, so burned

La la la la la

It?s hard living on the planet of women
Gonna find me a river and drown myself in it (?bye-bye?)

La la la la la
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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