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Why Lyric

Ron (actor Jerome Goldman) Lyrics
Slam Soundtrack - Movie, 1998
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Why The name of my little piece is umm, "Why"

I shot, three motherf**kers
that I didn't know why
I guess I just wanted to see somethin die
You see I bought this gun, for a few rocks
Just to get even, so I thought
with those sh*t-eatin cops
Holdin the cold blue steel in the palm of my hand
Not quite sixteen, yet totally a man
My only plan was money is MY hand
I wore: Felacci, Gucci, Nike's and Eddie B.
I was the COOLEST motherf**ker in Southeast D.C.
School? What the f**k
That was a thing of the past
Gettin paid
School and all that other square sh*t could KISS MY ASS
Mad at my bun, toy with my gun
Tipped on over to my favorite poolroom just to have some fun
Rips, was at full blast
so I CHALKED up my cue ready to kick some ass
I played a few hours, beat all the old timers
and was about to go
Until three.. ONE, of three BAMA motherf**kers
stepped on my toe
A split second later, whip-bam it was on
The ass-kickin begun
I ducked a few pool balls
and eased out my gun
Rat-a-Tat-Tat and that was that
Three was whacked
Ten years later, as I sit here in my jail cell about to cry
I'm thinkin, "I shot three motherf**kers and I don't know why"
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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