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I Can See Lyrics

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I Can See Lyric

Tekitha f/ Cappadonna Lyrics
Slam Soundtrack - Movie, 1998
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I Can See [Intro: Cappadonna, (Tekitha)]
{What's up? Where the music at?}
'donna and Tekitha (ohhhh... ohhhhh)
Big boys hold they weight and one shotty
(Noo... noo...) Killa-professionals, word
Pirates (Ohhh...) Murder on TV or on the CD
Bless me, Killa Bees, RZA paint
Yo, I could see, I could see

[Chorus x2: Tekitha]
I can see clear like a vision
No mystery to realize
The decision, no, no, no, no
is no longer in me...

Yo, I could see, yo, I could see like owls in the night
Thieves' blindness no longer exist, uplift
Behold the life of a chemist, used to be a menace
but Don-Don never could form, my mind's like Anaconda
Never sore, forever see thru over the trees
Eyes like a bird, Jay Bird, best seen and best heard
W.T.C. never sold out for no body (no longer in me....)

Tryin to rush them, swing around me
Good an author, lies you told me
Now I can, now I can see...
(W.T.C., the best in the facility)
Never raise at harmony
Now I know I must simply release
That I did amd what's right
Changed my mind...
and recoginzed that only I can see me...
And you can't, can't deny it
That the things you've done effected me...
Ohh... I can see

[Chorus x2]

Knowledge come first, regardless of the hardest
Some get trapped, some couldn't adapt
When the Wu-Tang Pillage came back, it's like life
Shed life, from a dart came a whole world
Clear like a vision, I'm inside of a pearl
with my whole heritage, we tight like panthers
Take chances and be the all eye seein
Donna and Tekitha, anti-easter
We 3 peice suit and tie, asiatic
See thru the bullsh*t, come with the static

I can see... clearly... yea...
My eyes have been opened to you now
Hey.. hey (I could see you clear like a vision)
Hey.. hey... still see clearly
I can see your ways and actions
You've shown me, I can see, I see
your ways and actions, you've shown me
Ohh... I can see

[Chorus to fade]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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