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Where My Money

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Where My Money Song Lyrics

Royce Da 5'9
Skyline Soundtrack - Movie, 2010
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Where My Money [Intro]
I've been f**kin with this game for a long time, and I'm impatient
I'ma kill somebody if somebody don't make me real rich this year [echoes]

For starters I'm all about the bread
I ain't no artist, I'm a target
I'm like the landlord, hip-hop's currently fallin down the stairs
"Your RENT'S due, motherf**ker!"
Now who give a f**k about who bar is the hardest?
When the DJ's think they bigger stars than the artist
Ridin around in Ferraris doin more A&R'in than the A&R's
and half them niggaz don't even scratch
That's like the blind leadin the blind leader
Hip-Hop is like the FBI in the trap readin the Don Diva
It makes no sense
It's ironic how I can straighten you though I stay so bent
I'm about gettin ends
Every time my money's on hip-hop, that's every time the house nigga wins
Flood in a drought, love in the club, Crip/Blood gun talk
Ladies and gentlemen! Hip-Hop in one bar

I've been f**kin with this game for a long time, and I'm impatient
I'ma kill somebody if somebody don't make me real rich this year
Where my money at? Where my money nigga?
Where my money at? Where my money nigga?

I put a cease and desist on this industry sh*t
Me makin a friend means I'll just make an enemy quick
When niggaz think they finna be big, they image is switched
They go from gettin beat by a nigga to sweet to a cinnamon whip
They actin like they got the Vanna White in "Wheel of Fortune"
But actually they spinnin the script
I tell the, DJ to play mines or we gon' spray ya
And that's on every MC's mind, they just don't say it
I flame spots, my brain lies and the top is on fire
How you gon' say Nickel Nine ain't risin?
Rappers no longer have to be on the block lyin
You get yo' ass whupped on the net, you a pop icon
I spaz like I got the right rhyme
I flash like I shot Nikon
I call my motherf**kin man my money so money stand out
While I got my motherf**kin hand out!

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