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Sister Act (Reprise) Lyrics


Sister Act (Reprise) Song Lyrics

Take me to heaven...
Take me to paradise...
Receive my humple prayer...
The faith that I bear...
Accept my sacrifice.
Take all my heart and soul...
My joy and love...
I am ready, sweet Lord above.
[Take me, take me, take me, take me, take me
take me, take me, take me, take me, take me]
I've got my sisters by my side.
I've got my sisters love and pride.
And with my sisters here,
I have no fear -
I'm right where I should be.
And with my sisters in my heart,
I know we'll never be apart.
And no one on this earth
can change that fact -
My brave sisters,
my sweet sisters,
my strong sisters,
all my loving sisters -
I'm part of one terrific sister act.

Sister Act The Musical Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2009
Sister Act (Reprise) Lyrics by Sister Act Cast from Sister Act The Musical Soundtrack (2009). Rating: 4.3/5 (23 votes)