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The Goodbye Song Lyrics


The Goodbye Song Song Lyrics

Elf: I always dreamed I'd have a happy ending
Ugly Duckling: It was foretold in my horoscope
Pinocchio: Can't you help us out with an ever after?
Company: Can't you see that you're our only hope? You're our only hope!
Big Bad Wolf: Hope!
Company: You're our only hope!
Big Bad Wolf: Hope! Esperanza!
Shrek (spoken): Okay fine I get it! Attention all fairytale things: your welcome is officially worn out. I'm going to go see this Farquaad guy right now to get you off my land and back where you came from!
Fairytale creatures:YAY!
Time to say goodbye
Time to say Farewell
Time for you to fly
It's been really swell
Gosh I'm gonna cry
Time to say goodbye
Shrek: I'll be right back!
Fairytale Creatures: Time to say vamoose
Shrek: Don't get too comfortable
Fairytale creatures: Ogre on the loose
Shrek: And don't touch my-
Faitytale creatures: Time to say goodbye!
Baby Bear: Don't die!

Shrek: The Musical Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2009
The Goodbye Song Lyrics by Shrek, Fairytale Creatures from Shrek: The Musical Soundtrack (2009). Rating: 4.2/5 (29 votes)