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Isn't It Strange Lyrics

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Isn't It Strange Lyric

Performed by Scissor Sisters Lyrics
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Isn't It Strange Well, isn't is strange that your face is deranged
Yet I love when it laughs and it says my name
Well if you say it again, well it just might hang
And send you a telegram that dances and sings

Singin' la..., la..., la...

Well isn't it wierd, all the things we feared
How if you'd just dissapeared, I'd have to cry a million tears
And if...

They can love themselves, they ain't big enough to crawl
Screamin' why...

Climbin', and climbin', and climbin' around
It's a regular nod, a shake and a smile
That can only express these things that I'm feeling

Such a gas, when we live so fast
Today I'm sad, I've got my face in the grass
You can get me there, with your bleach blonde hair
You can pick my fruit, the way and apple picks a pear

Singing la..., la..., la...

La..., la..., la... [x3]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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