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You Are Love Lyrics

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You Are Love Lyric

Showboat Cast Lyrics
Showboat Soundtrack - Musical, 2002
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You Are Love (The upper deck of the "Cotton Blossom," Later that night.
It is moonlight, just after the storm clouds have broken.
RAVENAL stands near a water barrel. He looks about, anxiously
awaiting MAGNOLIA. He blows on his fingers, and moves about
a little to take off the chill that is characteristic of
southern nights. He hears a noise. He peers into the darkness
and calls eagerly off L.:)

That you, Nola?

(off stage)
Nope - it's me.

(quickly filling dipper from water barrel to carry
on the illusion that he came out here to get a drink)
Hello, Windy -

Come over to take a look at the moorings -
(He crosses RAVENAL)
Kind o' cool for you to be stayin' out on deck, ain't it?

(just finishing drink)
Er - no - not at all - I'm very thirsty, that's all.
(He fills the dipper again to prove it. WINDY exits, chuckling.
RAVENAL pours the balance of the dipper's contents into the fire
bucket. He hears a whistle off stage)
That you, Nola?
(MAGNOLIA enters. She carries a porcelain water pitcher.
He flings the dipper away and rushes to her impetuously.
He embraces her)
How did you get away?

I can't stay long - I told Mother I'd fill her pitcher -
She's waiting -

(speaking rapidly, excitedly, impulsive)
Nola - we haven't much time - listen,
I want to marry you - in Natchez tomorrow.

But Mother -

She's going to be in Fayette all morning -
she told me so herself - there's a lovely
little church in Natchez -

But Father - what will he say?

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