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Queenie's Ballyhoo Lyrics


Queenie's Ballyhoo Song Lyrics

Is de theatre fillin' up, Cap'n Andy?
Yes, but there's nobody in the balcony.
Dat's where de colored people sit.
Well, why don't they come?
'Cause you don't talk to 'em.
Whaddaya mean don't talk to 'em? I ballyhooed
my lungs out this mornin'.
People don't remember dat long.
Dis is how to get 'em!
(COLORED CHORUS gradually enters)
Where yo' think you're goin'?
Don't yo' know dis show is startin' soon?
Jes' a few seats left yere!
It's light inside an' outside dere's no moon.
What fo' you gals dressed up dicty?
Where's yo' all gwine?
Tell dose stingy men o' yourn
To step up here in line!
C'mon, folks, we're rarin' to go,
Is you or ain't you seein' dis show?
Get het up, dere'll be no let up, here!
Listen to dat gal talk!
You'll be excited all night,
Grippin' yo' man an' holdin' him tight,
Two seats for twenty cents ain't so dear!
(drawing them to her confidentially)
Story's 'bout a lady in love,
Loves her man, but, Heavens above!
Dere's a villain bad as you ever see.
White outside, but black in de heart,
Swears dose two young lovers to part,
He's de worstest scallawag dat can be.
(Her audience's eyes are beginning to pop out.
She becomes mysterious)
He tries to get her alone,
You hear dat little gal moan, Ol' villain makin' her groan
Wid woe!

Showboat Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2002
Queenie's Ballyhoo Lyrics by Showboat Cast from Showboat Soundtrack (2002). Rating: 4.2/5 (28 votes)