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Money Lyrics

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Money Lyric

Jesca Hoop Lyrics
Shoot 'Em Up Soundtrack - Movie, 2008
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Money Money money makes the world go round
money money'll make you change your sound
if the price is right
if the price is right

if you want paper
if you want gold and silver
learn now not later
people pay for what's familiar
no need to know yourself too well
you can trade in that saga you tell
for the song you know will sell

if you want cheddar
if you want smoke and roll better
take off your sweater
to earn your varsity letter
it's a virgin feast for all
see how gracefully they fall
into the mirrors on the wall
cuz if you want to belong you write a sing-a-long


where do we go
the freaks
on the fringe
when the edges are all rounded out
we just dangle out in space
you can call us when you need to find out
what the real stars are all about
time has turned and the scenery has changed
and all the books have
but the lyrics remain
let the motherf**ker burn let's change the refrain
nobody need history
repeatin tin tin tin tin


if you want skrilla
if you're a cheddar gorilla
stack up your bills as
you sign away your free will
there's no need to represent
the truth of self has now been spent
moving from mortgage out of rent
cuz if you want to belong you write a sing-a-long:

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