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Shuck & Jive Lyrics

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Shuck & Jive Lyric

Superdrag Lyrics
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Shuck & Jive The fascination
Far-out disengage
Everything is meaningless
Let's atom-bomb the stage
Destination violation
Far-out disrespect
What did you expect
What did you expect
Mr Candidate-Elect
Was it everything you planned
By a palm tree in the sand
The information from the station
Lulled you off to sleep
Everything is heavy
And the figures are too steep
You'll survive the wreck
What did you expect
What did you expect
I'm afraid you're incorrect
And you're breaking up the band
By a palm tree in the sand
Coming down in recovery
We fail to understand
Wait around for discovery
With Merchandising plans
So take the dive
We are Shuck and Jive
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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