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Whiteside's Prayer

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Whiteside's Prayer Song Lyrics

Sherry! Cast
Sherry! Soundtrack - Musical, 2004
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Whiteside's Prayer DAISY STANLEY
As president of the Ladies' Club of Mesalia, it's my pleasure to welcome Sheridan Whiteside to the Stanley home fo the
Traditional Gala Standup Buffet Dinner in honor of our distinguished lecturer!

Maggie. Explain this.

It's in the contract, Sherry. "Gala Standup Buffet Dinner."

Dear Lord, wherever you are
Your little joke has gone much too far
It's time to save me from their dinner
And their California wine
Please send this supplicating sinner a sign!

To my digestion, goodbye
A lovely liver's about to die
Send any sign and I will follow
Let me pass this bitter cup
Open wide your earth and swallow me--

[Thanks to John for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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