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Tonight at Eight

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Tonight at Eight Song Lyrics

She Loves Me Soundtrack - Musical, 1993
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Tonight at Eight GEORG:

I'm nervous and upset

Because this girl I've never met

I get to meet

Tonight at eight.

I'm taking her for dinner to

A charming old cafe, but who

Can eat

Tonight at eight?

It's early in the morning,

And our date is not till eight o'clock tonight,

And yet already I can see

What a nightmare this whole day will be.

I haven't slept a wink,

I only think

Of our approaching tete-a-tete,

Tonight at eight.

I feel a combination

Of depression and elation;

What a state!

To wait

Till eight!

Three more minutes, two more seconds, ten more hours to go!

In spite of what I've written,

She may not be very smitten,

And my hopes, perhaps,

May all collapse,

Kaput--tonight at eight.

I wish I knew exact-

Ly how I'll act

And what will happen when we dine

Tonight at eight.

I know I'll drop the sil-

Verware, but will

I spill the water or the wine

Tonight at eight?

Tonight I'll walk right up and sit right down

Beside the smartest girl in town

And then it's anybody's guess.

More and more I'm breathing less and less!

In my imagination

I can hear our conversation

Taking shape

Tonight at eight.

I'll sit there saying absolutely nothing

Or I'll jabber like an ape

Tonight at eight!

Two more minutes, three more seconds, ten more hours to go!

I'll know, when this is done,

If something's ended or begun,

And if it goes

All right,

Who knows?

I might



At eight!
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