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Grand Knowing You

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Grand Knowing You Song Lyrics

She Loves Me Soundtrack - Musical, 1993
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Grand Knowing You [Kodaly]
It's been grand knowing you
Grand knowing you
Grand being your friend.
You've been kind, loyal, and so generous
Right down to the end.
Please don't grieve watching me leave
That would be much too painful to stand.
It's been fun
Now I must run
But it's been grand, perfectly grand!

Ilona, farewell cherie, be brave.
Chin up, it's been sublime.
You mustn't waste a precious moment over me.
You don't have time.
Just remember if you lonely or blue,
There's a hollow in my pillow for you.

And Sipos, what can I say?
Ah, Sipos.
No tears be gay, you know old friend
I'm in your debt.
I owe you more than I can possibly repay.
I won't forget.
Give your wife a little kiss from Kodaly.
I've never met her, but I will
By and by.

Though I hate leaving you,
Hate leaving your warm intimate club.
It's a small pleasure but I'll treasure
Each warm intimate snub.
It's been grand let me say
And let me say "Au revoir" not goodbye
For it's grand knowing you'll all be working
For your friend,

[Thanks to ROCKGOD87@aol.com for lyrics]
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