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Goodbye, Georg Lyrics


Goodbye, Georg Song Lyrics

(sing 2x)
(Sipos, Arpad,
Ritter, Kodaly)
(wait until 2nd time)
I would like a cake of
Castel soap
And a powder puff shampoo
Goodbye Georg
Is there a sale on?
Do you have a hair net?
Bubble bath.
How much do you charge
For your Mona Lisa?
Maraczek's won't
be the same without you
Sorry to see you go
If I can ever help
Let me know
Can you recommend an
Unusual perfume
Something rather chic
But inexpensive
That will make a
Lovely Christmas gift
I think you know the
Kind that I'm after
Do you have a lipstick
Guaranteed kiss proof?
Coconut oil
Goodbye Georg
What kind of mascara
Do you have a jar of
Vanishing cream
And a bottle of your best
Wrap it as a gift and
Send it ??
Thank you very very much
It's always such a
Pleasure shopping here
I wish there
were time for a proper
But for now good luck and
goodbye Georg
So long
So long
Please keep in touch
Do keep in touch
Won't you?
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