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All Black Ying Yang (The Party Song) Lyrics

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All Black Ying Yang (The Party Song) Lyric

King Fantastic Lyrics
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All Black Ying Yang (The Party Song) [Hook]
I guess this the party song(Hey)
But when I wrote it it wasn't feelin' that way
I was supposed to rap about dancin'
But somethin' struck a nerve and I went off on a tangent
I was supposed to rap about dancin'
But somethin' struck a nerve and I went off on a tangent
I wanna say somethin' fun
I'm sick of talkin' bout my mof**kin' gun
So have a drink get numb, go dumb
Put yo finger in the air if you the one

[Verse 1:Killer Reese]
They call me Killer Reese where I'm from
Got an itty bitty conscience, I'm dumb, I'm numb
I got the stomach of a dictator
Burn the whole village make examples outta haters
Uhhh that's hard
Perky mof**ka that would pull that card
You didn't think that I would take it this far
You ain't watchin', my actions of late have been bizarre
I'm gettin' weird in my old age
Me and this life are no longer on the same page
SO I push it to the limit
Push yo face against the wall
And stick an ice pick in yo gimmick
You can't go where I take it
Smokin' coke blunts
Half up, half bay sh*t
Feelin' like an animal
Chop em up and eat em like a mof**kin' cannibal


[Verse 2:Killer Reese]
I can't do no sucka sh*t, that ain't my twist mane
When I was comin' up I hit licks and I gangbanged
Hip Hop nigga but I'm with the business
Push the wrong button my reaction relentless
And that's on Jesus
Even if its Jesus
He gone have to see who the f**k Maurice is
I'm a heathen
Even bloodied up, beaten
I keep that sh*t poppin'
Nigga give me a reason
I'm nuts in season
My nuts hang even
Covered in metal plates they don't scratch or scr*pe
Unless you wearin' a cape
You better stay in yo place
Because this thirty, thirty eight will knock the skin off yo face
Dude this LA
Home of the dumb dumbs
Twist my fingers up and show these niggas where I come from
Caranet? rider, feelin' outsider
Blunt in my mouth and I'm lookin' for a lighter
I can get higher
Walkin' through the clouds
Take a few shots, get wild, you know my style
The life of the party
Take a life out the party
If we all came to party
Then no body leaves sorry


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