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I'm Not Too Young Lyrics

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I'm Not Too Young Lyric

Justin Starr Lyrics
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I'm Not Too Young Dizzy with this feeling
Odder than I’m even
Girl you got me reeling
Eh, eh, eh, eh
They can try to stop it
Sweat me like the tropics
You’re my favorite topic
Eh, eh, eh, eh

And I’m sure
They think I’m young
They think that I
Can’t be serious
But I know
That who I am
You’d understand
Girl are you curious?

I’m not too young feel this way
Ayy ayy, ayy ayy, Ayy ayy, ayy ayy
I'm not too young to feel this way
Ayy ayy, ayy ayy, Ayy ayy, ayy ayy, Eh eh eh eh

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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