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Pimp Shit Lyrics

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Pimp Shit

Too $hort Lyrics
Shaft Soundtrack Movie, 1991
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Pimp Shit [Too $hort talking]

[Too $hort]
I was born in Mac Mariana A
I knew I be a real pimp someday
So I practice my walk
I studied the game
I never been accepted but I was still lane
Somethings never change but my gang
Have my feeny weeny come to pimp hoes
I've been truly educated
Cause I'm so slick
I met hoes turn tricks
Players University class 86
And I'm all on a bitch
Go acts my first hoe
I was seventeen me now I'm 34
I'm still be a pimp till a day I die
On every street corner
And every high rise I got best women
The money the vibe
And when I talk about the game
I never lie ask me why
The little girl make the mama cry
You wanna know I tell u why nigga

[1] - It's that pimp shit
Get that money mine
Left with the ugle u need
Let but the dog me baby
Cause nigga that's pimp shit
Never but the higher pimp
Get that money bitch
Get that money bitch

She got lost in turn out and let the yard h
I knew she be a real hoe someday
Or she was teen, she was freaky back then
Use to let her voice rockin a pen
She like sittin on a growin man's lah
She was fourteen she let her fuckin from the back
From some scratch she let him pull at the scar
And lick on the clit little fine ass
Beyotch, was a bigger bitch
Made first pimp rich with that good shit
But at the age of 26 she is a oh-hoe
She don't really look that good know more
But she can met a trick comin in a minute
Anything u want u can get it
Anything u pay for she'll ah
Give some money she'll take ur spine nigga

[Repeat 1]

He is to get a girl much money
But he was young for kissing her chain
He thought it was fun
I knew he will be a real trick one day
Let em girls write as buy let em women play
He was soft and females made me
When he got no game the only way to met a freak
Is to pay em and that's way he cure the D
He want lie? Ask him what he do for bitch
Spin cash just to get some ass
We try to marry a hoe but the shit didn't last
He broke the gon do i hope he never tried
Is all wife on ass and he still had buy
That's fucked up but that's the life of a trick
Be a sucker for bitch and she'll suck your dick
I know he loves her I don't dare it
She pulls out his money said I love thigs he bought me

[Repeat 1]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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