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Tango Dominican

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Tango Dominican Song Lyrics

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Tango Dominican [Carla]
I've had it up to here,
So let me make it very clear,
Because I swear I'll never clue you in again.
Every time that you profess I come from Puerto Rico,


For the last time, Turk, I'm Dominican.

Don't make a big to-to,
I was simply testing you.

Then why'd you tell J.D. our baby's Blaxican?

Babe, you know I know the truth.

Well I need a little proof.
So list all you know about me or no sex again.

Uh, let's see...
Your name is Carla. (Oh yes)
You are latina. (impressive)
You're a nurse,
you're mother's dead,
And, wait I got it!
Three sisters!


Two sisters?
Well I'm sure you have a brother who's a huge jerk-off.

Tell me what's my middle name?

Okay I'm tired of this game.
Let's forget it, I give up,
I guess you win again.
But it's not just me who get's mixed up
By all this crazy ethnic stuff,

Sorry, even I know, she's Dominican.

Did I grow up in Illinois or in Michigan?
How long before we met was I in medicine?
Was our wedding song the Beatles or Led Zeplin?
Am I freakin' Puerto Rican or Dominican?

The thing is guys remember facts,
Like what Derek Jeter hit last year,
Which was .303.
And that is why our brains are maxed,
And there's no room for things like birthdays or ethnicities.

Well, thank you for that glimpse into the workings of the inner-man.

Let's talk albout your job and not the fact that you're


You're not staying home from work?

Will that make you happy, Turk?

I'll support you if you choose to earn the benjamins.

Then I'll return to work today.
Now you're sure that that's okay?

I say, "si," which is yes in Dominican,
And Puerto Rican.


But you're Dominican.

[Thanks to Sandra for corrections]
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