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The Swing Lyrics

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The Swing Lyric

Everclear Lyrics
Scream 2 Soundtrack - Movie, 1997
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The Swing Never said I was innocent
I will burn in hell for the things I've done to you
Never said I was anything good
I should die from the shame for what I put you through

Let me be the one to bring us back from the dead
I will take the blame for everything
You know I just wanna help you forget
Yeah yeah

We are still living on broken glass
We are still numb because it just keeps happening
All you friends they can kiss my ass
They only see the simple things that they wanna see

Let me be the one to make the pain go away
Shed my skin and show a brand new face
You know I just wanna know that you're okay
You don't have to like it but the swing is at my house now

Sometimes I think
The power is better than a hard drug
Sometimes I think
The power is better than anything
Sometimes I think
Letting go is just like givin up
Sometimes I think that all I wanna do is die inside
All I wanna do is die inside
All I ever think about is you and me and fallin apart
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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