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Southern Days Lyrics


Southern Days Song Lyrics

Now while you boys are waiting for the verdict, sing that song 'bout home we love so much! Go on! Sing it!
Don't you miss
The sight of willows drippin'
On a balmy southern day?
Don't you miss the taste of julep sippin'
As you while that day away?
And in the kitchen mammy's pullin' pork,
Bakin' ribs, shuckin' corn
Tell the truth now
Don't you bless the alabama mornin'
You were born?
Don't you miss
The sound of banjos strummin'
When the moon is shinin' bright?
Don't you miss
The sound of darkies hummin'
On a tranquil summer night?
Oh, it's fun to just remember when
And long to hurry back again
To those lazy, lamented
And sweet lackadaisical
Lovable southern days
Oh how i used to love that song. I remember sitting on the porch, hearing it at twilight, rising up from the cotton fields.
You boys sing it so beautifully, just the way i like it. It wouldn't hurt if you smiled a bit.
And in the kitchen mammy's pullin' pork
Cookin' grits, scrubbin' ham
Tell the truth now
Don't you miss
Those honeysuckle days in alabam?
How the sights and sounds
Come back to me!
Like my daddy hangin' from a tree
Here now, wait a minute --
Or the fire that made
Those crosses burn.
I don't remember that part of the song.
Don't you wish
That we could just return
To those languid and limpid
And listless and indolent
Lovable southern days.
[thanks to garrett for lyrics]

Scottsboro Boys, The Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2010
Southern Days Lyrics from Scottsboro Boys, The Soundtrack (2010). Rating: 4.2/5 (22 votes)