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Electric Chair Lyrics

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Electric Chair

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Electric Chair Guard bones
Hey little boy
Look over there
That's what they call
An e-lec-tur-ic chair

Guard tambo
If on that chair
You put your rear
Your hair frizzles out
And your eyes disappear

Guard bones and guard tambo
It's a natural fact, i hear

Guard bones
Not every state's
Got one of those

Guard tambo
It can deep fry your skin
It can curl up your toes

Guard bones and guard tambo
It's a natural fact, god knows
Oh, the juice runs through you
And you start to shake
It's a kind of tap dance
But you ain't awake
Just to hear that sizzlin' sound
People come from miles around.
Mom and dad get crammed inside
While their sonny boy's electrified
It's so shockin', i declare
Can't duplicate it anywhere.
Glory be to our electric chair

Guard bones
(pointing his gun at eugene.) Dance! I said, "dance!"

(terrified, eugene dances. Eugene is joined by the two other electrocuted boys who rise from the dead.)

Guard bones and guard tambo
So little boy
Lift up your chin
Being' afraid
Ain't a terrible sin
Don't blubber like that
Don't sit there and cry
It's not ev'ry guy
Gets to light up the sky
What a fabulous way
A fab-yu-abulous way

Scottsboro boys
To die

[thanks to garrett for lyrics]
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